Application Security This Week for February 28

by Bill Sempf 28. February 2021 13:23

Portswigger published their Top 10 Hacking Techniques for 2020.


Vulnerabilities in malware!


Github is doubling down on security tools, which I think is awesome.


Have a great week!


Application Security This Week for February 21

by Bill Sempf 21. February 2021 14:48

Microsoft has some guidance for containers using .NET


Another interesting dependency management tool, but this one if for Python!


AWS isn't the only cloud that has blob storage permission problems.


Have a good week!


Application Security This Week Valentines Day edition

by Bill Sempf 14. February 2021 12:45

Apparently I failed to publish last week. Sorry about that.


Rolling shellcode from objects in memory.


The Swiss say they can break encryption using quantum computing.


Remember how everyone has been warning about internet-connected industrial control systems?  Whelp.


Look, more supply chain attacks!

In related news, I'll be speaking on the topic at the Cincinnati Security Users Group on Thursday


Oh look!  Another one!  We might have a trend here.




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