Database modeling with M screencast

A month or so ago, lockpicker and friend Schuyler Towne and I agreed to push eachother a little to do some video in our respective fields.  Now, I am an accomplished lockpicker, and Schuleyer is a fantastic artist, but his gift is lockpicking, and mine is software development so we stuck with those topics.  We even went so far as to set up a Google Spreadsheet to track our progress.

Schuyler, of course, cheated, and has a video already in the can.  It then took me a month to get around to shooting my first screencast.  It's on using M to model everyday databases for everyday projects:

There is some mobil phone background noise.  Sorry about that.  Lesson learned.  The demo is good though.  It shows just how easy Microsoft is making it to build a complete, source controllable data model and deploy it to SQL Server.  It's pretty slick.

I hope everyone enjoys the screencast.  Next one is on generic collections in C# 4.0.

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