Testing for my CSSLP and trying uCertify.

As part of my stated goal to become more active in the Information Security market (following my career path of Integration-Performance-Security), I have decided to certify as a CSSLP. There is a wealth of knowledge out there about the SSDLC part of things that I don't really hold, and it is time.

By way of Coincidence, uCertify emailed me just the other day and offered me the opportunity  to try out one of their prep kits. Needless to say I selected the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional kit.  So I am going to get to review the kit in the best way possible - actually taking the exam!

The initial look of the kit is very nice - it is an installed package rather than a web based thing, which gives some nice user interface features but makes it a little less accessible. The learning mode is tightly integrated with the practice tests, which will help me a lot. I already know about 70% of what is on the test, so I need something that will help me focus on the 30% and uCertify seems to be doing that.

Plan on hearing a little more from me in the next month about this - I plan to test around the end of February. Wish me luck!

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