New lockpicking book coming out by the guy who taught me

Deviant Ollam, the guy who taught me (and Gabrielle) how to pick locks at Defcon 15, has a new book out, Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester's Training Guide.  I recommend that everyone get a copy, without ever having seen a page of it.  Fact is, Deviant has a passion for teaching - and not just lockpicking.  He is a wealth of information and a guru of many topics.  What's more, he is so very good at expressing them. 

Anyone who has been to Columbus L.I meetings and seen me to an intro presentation knows that I use DOs Intro to Lockpicking deck that he gives at Defcon.  His site, www.deviating.net/lockpicking, is a wealth of information.  His presense at the carious hacker cons has done more to spread locksport than most.

If you have an interest in physical security, I pre-recommend this book.  Too bad Syngress did it, and I wasn't allowed to write Lockpicking for Dummies.  Oh well.

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