My day-to-day tech


Since I have been back on the consulting bandwagon, around business types and not the same people every day, I have gotten a lot of questions about the tech that I carry every day.  I promised a few people I would blog about it, so here we are.


Here is my day to day tech.

The big laptop is a Toshiba Tecra M7.  It is the best laptop I have ever owned.  It’s it a tablet, and generally rocks.  However, Toshiba won’t support Windows 7 on it, so it runs too hot and won’t wake up properly from hibernation.  Considering going to Windows Server.

The e-reader to it’s left is a nook.  The nook is the best overall e-reader on the market.  It has a soft keyboard, and flexible, Android-based display.  The whole OS and rendering system can be replaced with a Micro-SD card.  Barnes and Noble does a great job supporting it.  It might not have been ready for market when they launched it, but it was always the best out there.

Above that is my Texas Instruments Chronos ez430.  It is a programmable watch.  It has a MSP340 microprocessor, and comes with a wireless interface and pinning for a usb adapter.  You can do neat stuff like change your PowerPoint slides, or measure your sensei’s punch speed with it.

To it’s right is my IronKey.  This is a USB drive, 4 gig, that is waterproof and hardware encrypted.  If you fail to enter your password 10 times, it destroys itself.

Next is the Nexus One.  This is by far the best device, let alone phone, that I have even owned.  It is a Android based slate similar in form factor to an iPhone, but I think it has a lot less suck.  (I know everyone loves the iPhone, it’s like a puppy.  I think it is unusable.)

Hmm, what’s next.  Oh, my Wand Of Business Analysis +4, otherwise known as a livescribe pen.  Basically, everything I write on the special books that I get for it gets moves to my laptop for later analysis.  Also, everything that is said while I am writing is recorded, in time with the writing.  So if I need to know what a customer said while I drew that diagram, I just click on it and the recording starts there.

Finally, a walkman.  Yes, I said a Walkman.  It’s a 8 gig Sony Walkman MP3 player.  Why?  Lots of reasons.  I don’t like to kill my phone battery running music.  I use it as a radio.  I can feed the music to my car.  I have it sync to my desktop to get podcasts.  And it is light, cheap, and if I destroy it by accident I can get a new one with my Best Buy Silver Reward points.

So there we have it.  Years of geeky research and gadget dependency reduced to a blog post.

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