I'll be speaking at DogFoodCon

by Bill Sempf 12. October 2010 17:33

I'll be speaking at the 2010 DogFood Conference that Microsoft puts on here in Columbus.  Danilo Castilo runs it (largely) and it is pretty cool - a neat community event on a budget.

It's a cool collection of talks about the newest Microsoft products and how people are using them.  Thus the name: 'DogFood' from the phrase 'eating your own dog food.'

I'll be speaking with Mario Fulan about using AFDS 2.0 to cross domain borders.  If you don't already know Mario, he is a beast - one of like ten Certified Sharepoint Masters in the whole freakin universe or something.  He has forgotten more about SharePoint than I will ever learn.  I do know Windows Identity Foundation a little bit though, so that's what I'll be covering.

The conference is at www.dogfoodcon.com and is selling out really fast.  If you are interested in the hot new stuff, check it out and get registered while you can.  It's next month - November 4 and 5.


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mgroves United States
10/13/2010 5:01:42 AM #

I thought the expression applied to your -own- products.

Bill United States
10/13/2010 5:04:19 AM #

It's not a perfect name, but half of the speakers are Microsofties that talk about using the product inside Microsoft.  I am pretty sure that's how the con started, too.

Danilo Casino United States
10/17/2010 12:23:25 PM #

It was internal products: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eat_one's_own_dog_food

Bill United States
10/18/2010 5:02:18 AM #

Dippy HEML processer in bloglines won't handle that tic mark.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eating_your_own_dog_food works though


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